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Homemade Iced Coffee… What could be better with Muscovado-Coconut Creamer?

Homemade Iced Coffee… What could be better with  Muscovado-Coconut Creamer?

By Apron and Sneakers

Here is a coffee drink to share with you. It’s a very refreshing one with loads of ice and an exotic flavor of coconut and muscovado sugar together.

Make your usual coffee, whether it is brewed or espresso like how I take it.Pour it in a glass filled with ice then pour the muscovado-coconut creamer which is the best part because it is the one that gives the wow-flavor. Making the creamer is very easy because you will just combine the muscovado sugar and coconut milk together in a saucepan until it becomes thick like cream.Just add more sugar after combining the coffee and creamer if you prefer it sweeter. I must remind you that I am not usually big on sweet things and the sweetness of my creamer might be mild for the people who love their coffee on the sweet side.

Muscovado sugar is a partially refined dark cane sugar with strong molasses flavor. If you can’t find it, just substitute it with another kind of dark brown sugar.
For the recipe of this Iced Coffee with Homemade Muscovado-Coconut Creamer, go to She Knowswhere I create recipes. If you want to see more of my creations, check out my Profile Page there. Enjoy your drink!

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