Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast

Where: Farmingon, N.M. What It Is: This one-bedroom cave home was blasted out of a cliffside in 1980, with three holes drilled for ventilation and electricity. Why It’s Unique: At 100 feet underground, access this bed and breakfast by shimmying down a steep cliff and ladder. Guests must sign a liability waiver in order to […]

BedandBreakfast On-The-Edge Skylodge Adventure Suites

Image credit: Yoni Heisler The scariest hotel room in the world hangs off the side of a mountain Yes, A Real AirBnB Glass Pods Hang Off A Peruvian Cliff … Located in Peru, the rooms available here hang precipitously off the side of a mountain. As for accessing your room, well, that involves climbing up […]

“Cafe Metro”

An Eye-Opening Display from “Cafe Metro” Dazed. Your senses are barred amidst the hallow doldrums of sonambulism. Morning is a language of an unconscious blur… the outskirts on a realm slurred. And, where dreams crossover into shallow bouts of auras and where shadows go unnoticed. You sit there, on a cusp of nonsense, where unwitted […]

How to Turn Heads at a High School Reunion

Step 1: Go to fitness boot camp Sign up for a boot camp-style gym program that whips people into shape in a short amount of time. If you don’t have one in your area, hire a personal trainer. TIP: Book yourself a slimming body wrap the day before the event. The results are temporary, but […]


Paris’s best museums and art galleries The mansion where Rodin lived at the end of his life now contains an unrivalled collection of the sculptor’s work By Natasha Edwards Musée du Louvre Both art collection and royal palace, including chunks of medieval castle concealed in the basement, the Louvre is mind-boggling in its scale and […]


For some it may be a big curiosity or even a historical wonder that Greek statues and modern mannneqins have a great resemblance. This association can only be an indication that mannequins are archetypes born from the brilliant design and concepts of Greek statues, All over the world, many industries have evolved and revolutionized this […]

The Ice Cream Man

Too many menu changes, and the cost of their candies and ice creams have skyrocketed. During the 1950’s and 1960s there were ice cream truckmen called “the good humor” ice cream men. For many reasons, today’s children may not be happy with their neighborhood ice cream service. Could it be that ice cream men have […]

The Vietnamese Are Constructing Many Beautiful, Thatch Coffee Shops

Airy Thatched Vietnamese Coffee Shop is Made From Salvaged Wood and Local Materials Vietnamese architecture firm a21 studio recently transformed a giant stockpile of scrap wood into Salvaged Ring, an airy and spacious coffee shoplocated in the countryside of Nha Trang. The client and owner, who had worked as a local carpenter, provided the wood […]

Top 33 World’s Strangest Buildings

Tom BoredPanda staff What pops into your mind when thinking about modern architecture and their architects? Sleek lines, mind-blowing structures, and the hip, uber-modern creator of it all. Well, that is not the case for some of these crazy buildings. Surely, the creators of Basket House, Gag Building or the Conch dwelling weren’t your usual […]

Rush Hour in Different Countries Like You’ve Never Seen It

You are stuck in your car in what seems like an endless flow of other vehicles. You get stuck in traffic jams on your way to work or to the airport to pick up your friends. That crazy nerve-wracking time is called “rush hour,” and you wish you could fly away to the other side […]